SmART Scientific Solutions B.V.

Through our experience in radiation therapy and cancer research , we were convinced that with the right software and tools, preclinical radiation and cancer research could be improved and accelerated. Bridging and shortening the translation between the lab and the clinic, increasing the pace of research in this field, everything for the benefit of the patient. That motivated us to found this company and continues to motivate us every day, all day. Have a look at this short movie to get an overview of what we are currently working on.

What are we doing?

Our company was founded to support research efforts in image-guided precision preclinical radiation research for cancer and other diseases, focused on the translational aspect. We develop and create a range of products, from hardware such as phantoms for imaging and dosimetry to software for analysis and preclinical radiation treatment planning. Our goal is to advance this new highly innovative research field to accelerate development of new treatment strategies.
We create plastinized ex-vivo mice and rats, PlastiMouse and PlastiRat phantoms, with exquisitely preserved anatomical detail. These phantoms can be used for CT imaging, optical imaging, as a quality assurance tool for precision irradiation and imaging, or as educational tool. PlastiCreatures provide a safe and much more user friendly alternative over living animals or frozen cadavers. These phantoms can be adapted to house e.g. dosimetric film or light emitting sources.

Company information

SmART Scientific Solutions B.V.
Oxfordlaan 55
6229 EVĀ  Maastricht
the Netherlands

Registration: KvK Maastricht 63398095
VAT/BTW: NL855218447B01

Meet Our Team

Frank Verhaegen, PhD
Frank Verhaegen, PhDCo-Founder
Professor at the University of Maastricht, in the South of the Netherlands. Formerly, he was associate professor at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. His research interests are in the field of pre-clinical research to improve radiotherapy. He leads the physics research team at Maastro Clinic, which specializes in radiotherapy.
Patrick Granton, PhD
Patrick Granton, PhDCo-Founder
Is a medical physicist currently at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, after recently graduating from a CAMPEP residency at London Health Sciences Centre in London Canada where he trained alongside the well-known and talented radiation oncologists Drs. Alex Louie and David Palma. He received his PhD from the University of Maastricht after completing his MSc at the department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Western Ontario while performing research at Robarts Research Institute. His primary expertises include micro, dual energy and optical CT imaging and Monte Carlo dose calculations, biological optimization, and preclinical small animal radiation research
Stefan van Hoof, PhD
Stefan van Hoof, PhDCo-Founder
Obtained his PhD at Maastricht University in the field of radiation planning for precision small animal radiotherapy. He earned his MSc at Eindhoven University of Technology where he focused on CT and MRI imaging, and radiotherapy. The past years, he dedicated most of his time to treatment planning in the field of precision image-guided preclinical radiotherapy and currently leads all software development at SmART Scientific Solutions.