Radiation Treatment Plan

Radiation Treatment Planning

We are providing user-friendly software (SmART-ATP) to assist radiation biologists and medical physicists to deliver precision irradiation to small laboratory specimens.

SmART-ATP interfaces with dedicated preclinical image-guided micro-IR devices. Watch a video of SmART-ATP here!

Please contact us to request a free online trial version of our widely-used treatment planning software to determine how we might be able to enhance your radiation research.

Plastinized Rat

Plastinated Specimens for Quality Assurance or Study (click on photo to view)

At Smart Scientific Solutions we have created a line of plastinated small animal specimen that are ideal for routine quality assurance of image-guided irradiators because they are biologically inert, rigid and, replicate the anatomy that is used as seen this this brochure PlastiCreatures .

Please contact us today to see if we might have available a plastinated specimen that would suit your needs.

CT Imaging Phantoms

Routine Preclinical CT Calibration Phantom

The routine QA phantoms consist of known tissue-mimicking material that are ideally suited for preclinical CT number calibration or for further dual energy CT research when using a dedicated image-guided micro-IR or preclinical in vivo CBCT devices.

The routine QA/DE-CT phantoms consist of a validation and calibration phantom as an independent test to determine and assess the accuracy and precision of DE-CT material decomposition algorithms. Technical information is provided for you here RoutineQA_DECT_Phantoms .

Please contact us today to find out more about our routine QA DECT phantoms.