Advanced AI-Based Organ Segmentation for Pre-Clinical Radiotherapy

Effortless Automated Volume Contouring

SmART-Contour revolutionizes organ contouring by harnessing the power of AI. This advanced module automatically delineates key anatomical structures, including the left and right lung, heart, bones, and brain, on mouse CT scans. SmART-Contour accelerates the segmentation process, saving you valuable time and effort. Embrace the future of automated volume contouring. Accelerate your radiobiology research, and unlock new possibilities for scientific breakthroughs.

Post-processing tools

Enhance and refine your organ contours with the robust post-processing tools included in SmART-Contour. Gain control with manual adjustments, smoothing algorithms, and fine-tuning capabilities, allowing you to achieve optimal contouring results. Export your contours in DICOM format for further analysis in other tools or collaborate.

Unleash the Potential of Dose-Volume Analysis

Improve your treatment planning with SmART-Contour. Perform comprehensive dose-volume analysis and organ volume analysis with ease. Uncover valuable new insights and drive scientific discoveries. Our treatment planning automatically computes dose-volume histograms and dose-volume metrics for each structure. Organs at risk can be monitored without having to draw manual contours.


SmART-Contour seamlessly integrates into our SmART-ATP and SmART-XPS treatment planning packages. Current MuriPlan-only users can use SmART-XPS in addition to their existing setup, or contact their distributor to discuss adopting SmART-XPS.